Download SafeKiddo app from Google Play Store

Click on "Play Store"

Enter SafeKiddo

Click on "SafeKiddo"

Click on 'INSTALL'

Click on "ACCEPT"

Click on "Sign up"



  • email
  • password
  • Name Surname
  • PIN

Accept the conditions and privacy policy.

Click on "NEXT STEP"

Create child's profile.


  • Child Profile Name
  • Age of the child

Select Time settings for Internet and Apps or use default.

Click on "REGISTER"

Select child's profile that will be assigned to device.

Select level of protection on your child's device:

  • Maximum - available basic applications such as: telephone, contacts
  • Medium - block browsers, popular communicators and Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • User settings - allows you to choose applications you want to block

Click on "next"

Click "ON" SafeKiddo

Click on "Yes"

Click on "next"

Read information about administrator and click "next" 

Checking both checkboxes ensure the highest level of security

Click on "Activate"

Click on "Run"

Select the launcher you want to use

From now use Safekiddo as default browser to ensure network security