To configure a child's device from Windows Phone click on log in


  • parent's e-mail address
  • password

Select child's profile
(on the SafeKiddo website you can add another child's profile)


Go through the setup process, which allows
SafeKiddo application to manage content available for your child.
Please read information how to remove the SafeKiddo application.

Copy workplace account e-mail address:
Remember or write down the PIN, which will be used in the next step (this is not your parent's PIN)


Workplace allows for

  • blocking access to browsers
  • blocking access to the store with applications
  • disabling the possibility of restoring the factory settings (factory reset)
Click on "add account"


Paste your workplace e-mail.

Click on "sign in"

Enter password and email to your workplace account.

Password is PIN you wrote ealier.

Click on "sign in"


Workplace account is registered.

SafeKiddo application blocks access to:

  • store
  • other browsers
Now use SafeKiddo as default browser.

From now use Safekiddo as default browser to ensure security