To check if the SafeKiddo App is installed on the child's device 

go to 'Settings'



Then click on 'Apps'




Select 'SafeKiddo' from the 'All apps'




 If the App has not been run before, in the 'Menu' in the App list, select 'SafeKiddo'



To check if the SafeKiddo application works:


You can check it in three ways:


1. Open 'Notifications' and check if there is a SafeKiddo notification with the time information.




2. In the 'Menu' in the application list, find 'Ask for access' 'Internet' and 'SafeKiddo settings'



3. Go to Settings and select 'Apps'



From the 'All apps' choose SafeKiddo





Check if the 'Forced Stop' button is blocked